Vision, Mission and Purpose


United for a good life with diabetes - and a future without


The Danish Diabetes Association has three major areas of contribution:

  • To improve quality of life with diabetes
  • To do scientific research on diabetes in order to cure diabetes
  • To prevent diabetes as well as diabetes related complications

In dealing with diabetes, we represent power of action on one hand, and empathy on the other. Ethics and high morality are important aspects of our association with members and collaborators to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Through dedication, lots of hard work, successful strategies and eloquence in our public presence, we will be a loyal guardian, who stands up for the Danish diabetics.


In November 2008 our organization agreed to launch new objects clause adding the following objects/ regulations:

§ 2, part 1. The purpose /aim of the Danish Diabetes Association is to improve the lives of diabetics through prevention and control of diabetes and the complications of the disease.

§ 2, part 2. As part of achieving these purposes/ aims, the Danish Diabetes Association must work on a local, regional, national and international level for the following:

  • Improving the life conditions of diabetics and of their family members through prevention of the physical, psychological and social consequences of diabetes
  • Increasing the possibilities of curing diabetes?
  • Preventing diabetes and the complications of the disease

The well-known complications of diabetes are heart, kidney- and eye diseases, neuropathy with no sense of touch in hands and feet and wounds on feet and legs. Some of the complications, in particular heart diseases, can lead to life-threatening situations and death, but luckily there have been a decrease in numbers of deaths in Denmark since 1997. Still the complications cause a lot of physical pain and poor quality of life among diabetics. The prevention of the physical complications through scientific research will improve the life conditions of diabetics.

Further on we work towards the following:

To improve the conditions of treatment and self-care. Both treatment and self-care should oppose returning genes and detect and treat complications in good time, so they will be treated before the disease is getting worse.

To support every other aspect of everyday life of diabetics. We work towards diabetics not being discriminated against, neither in the labor market, in the educational system, nor in relation to insurance and pension. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep an eye on the rights of diabetics in terms of driving license and adoption.

To guarantee relevant grants and schemes. Our organization will argue that relevant grants and schemes are preserved and extended for the benefit of diabetics. This is done through influencing legislation concerning diabetes - not only on a national level, but also through international collaboration.

To educate and enlighten. We achieve this by distributing international and educational material and by completing courses and activities for diabetics, their families and health care professionals. Hereby everybody, who associates with the diabetic cause, is prepared to manage the disease. Furthermore, we work to spread information through campaigns of enlightenment, which can help the prevention of diabetes among the Danish population, specifically the 750,000 Danes that the authorities estimate are pre-diabetics, as well as children whose poor lifestyle can lead to Type 2 diabetes.

To maintain and develop the organization. Maintenance and development is necessary in order to achieve the mentioned purposes. The more solid our organization is, the more we can take care of the interests of diabetics.

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