Facts about diabetes in Denmark

  • The Danish population consists of app. 5.5 million people 
  • There are 79 new cases of diabetes every day in Denmark (*1)
  • 320.545 Danes are diagnosed with diabetes. It´s 5,7 percent of the Danish population and is a doubling in numbers of diabetics in 10 years (*1)
  • The diabetes pandemic will reach 430.000 Danes in 2030
  • 850,000 Danes (17 % of the Danish population) were pre-diabetics in 1999. A pre-diabetic is a person who has a bigger waitstline than 88 centimeters ( females) and 102 centimetes ( males) with diabetes running in his or hers family history. The Danish Diabetes Association estimates that 750,000 Danes were pre-diabetics in 2011. 30-40% of them will develop Type 2-diabetes within 3,5 years (*2)
  • 60,000 Danes are having diabetes without knowing it (*3)
  • The socio-economical expenses caused by diabetes are app. 86 million Danish kroner per day. 

  1. Numbers on diabetes 1996 -2010, SSI, 2011
  2. Glümer, C, Jørgensen T, Borch-Johnsen K: Prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose regulation in the Danish population tolerance to diabetes high-risk screened population: 3 years follow-up in the ADDITION study, Denmark. Diabetologia 2008; 51: 249-257
  3. An estimate of the Danish Diabetes, build on reference 3, who states that 60% of Danes with diabetes have no diagnose in 1999. We presume, that the number has decreased since, therefore 245.000.

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